Cessna · Cessna Citation CJ2+


The CJ2+ maintains the tradition of the private jet Citation line: economy, simplicity and performance. Its operating costs are just as low as the original Citation Jet, but it offers a lot more range, a faster cruise speed and a larger cabin.
The CJ2+ can take off in 3,420 feet at sea level. It takes seventeen minutes to climb to 37,000 feet.  At its maximum certified flight ceiling of 45,000 feet, the jet reaches its long-range cruise speed of 352 knots. Its high-speed cruise is 407 knots. The CJ2+ has a range of 1,700 miles (1,480  nautical miles) while carrying four passengers, 440 miles further than the CJ1.
The cabin of the CJ2+ is almost identical to the cabin of the CJ2. Seats are available for six passengers, which can track into the aisle and away from the sidewalls for greater comfort. Folding side tables are available for all seats and can be stored in the side walls. The cabin is equipped with 110-volt power outlets. The CJ2+ was redesigned with extra soundproofing for a quieter flight. Three baggage compartments can carry a total of up to 1,100 pounds of luggage.
Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Cessna Citation CJ2+
Classification: Light Jet
Seats: 7
Speed: 404 kts
Range: 1781 nm
Interior Height: 1.45 m
Interior Width: 1.47 m
Luggage Capacity: 65 cu.ft.