“Easy, efficient, reliable and global” Private jet finder lets you fly free from stereotypes: every flight plan is designed on our client’s desires.
Flying has never been so easy: get to your chosen airport by car and park next to your jet, where you will be greeted by your captain.
Take off in just 10 minutes and directly land at your destination in one of the 5,000 airports available in all of the world.



Organizing your flight couldn’t be more immediate. It is sufficient to connect to our website or as an alternative call our client’s number, available 24/7, 365 days a year. You choose where and when you want your jet and it will be ready in a few hours.

Our goal is to simplify the air charter process, combining online technologies with the best service. That means saving your time.

The flight search is simple and immediate, with a few clicks you will promptly receive a quotation related to the three types of aircraft. Every flight can be personalized according to your requests and our experts’ assistance will guide you to the best choice.

Our private jets can land in smaller airports, that said, finding the airports closest to your destination will be easier with our search engine.


Safety, leisure and privacy of all our customers is our primary goal.

We accurately select our partners, both operators and airlines, choosing exclusively the authorized operators that hold a current Air Operator Certificate.

Besides for the AOC we always make extra verifications on the operators before adding them to our network.




Private Jet Finder’s goal is to satisfy and go beyond your comfort expectations.

The always-above-average levels of comfort vary on the type of aircraft chosen: in smaller jets the room could be restricted but well studied. Meanwhile, Medium and Large Jets have higher standards of comfort with a configuration of from 6 to 12 generous seats which allow enough room and movement for the legs, cabins large enough to host beds for seven people, and the possibility to have lounge areas for many demands, such as an area for the crew’s rest, a kitchen, a restroom, a luggage compartment on board, meeting areas and leisure areas.

You can also ask for a flight attendant for your journeys, even for shorter flights.



Once on board your jet you will enter your private space. Secrecy and privacy are the main objectives of our service.

Check-in is done in a simple, quick and tactful manner. Your private airplane will be ready 30 minutes before departure and able to take off after just 15 minutes from your arrival. Many airports permit you to directly reach your airplane with your car. As soon as at the airport, you’ll be greeted by your Captain who will welcome you on board.

Every step of the flight will happen in total privacy.


The main reasons that lead our clients to charter a private Jet are the time saving and the comfort of the additional services.

Many are the additional services Private Jet Finder can offer you:

  • Limousine service

    Once at the landing airport we will contact the most reliable drivers and professionals who can get you to wherever you want. We can also arrange limousine service, private parking and airport transfers.

  • Anticipated departures

    Your airplane will land at the chosen airport one hour and a half before your departure, it will be ready for takeoff an hour earlier than expected if requested.

  • VIP lounge and waiting rooms

    Who charts a private jet may have access to VIP lounges and waiting rooms at the departure and arrival airports. You can either choose to relax before getting on your plane or work on your computer and make phone calls in absolute privacy.

  • Meet your Captain

    Charting a private airplane allows you to know your captain to have all the information you desire about the journey: from the performance of your aircraft, weather forecast, to what matters catering.

  • Catering services on board

    You could also order your favorite dish, we will do our best to satisfy you.
    Medium and Large Jets dispose of equipped kitchens to serve you cold and warm meals which can satisfy even the most particular nutritional needs.
    Catering furnishers follow rigorous safety and health standards. The meals are prepared according to the type of flight you are going to face, to avoid the dehydration of the food. Tea, coffee, alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks can be served on any flight.