Cessna · Cessna C525 Citation CJ3


The Citation CJ3 jet, equipped with two Williams/Rolls-Royce F J-44-3A turbofans, can flight up to 772km/h, and take you up to 3473 km away.

This jet is the sixth generation of the popular Citation Jet series, a class of private jets designed to be economical and high-performing. They aren’t the most luxurious private jets available, but they may be the most popular. Business travelers like the idea of a private jet that understands bottom-line thinking, without sacrificing performance or reliability.   

The CJ3 pleasantly surprised by its high payload (74.4 cubic feet of luggage) and its comfortability. It seats six passengers in the twenty foot, ten inch cabin. Fourteen windows and a new configuration of LEDs make the cabin feel even roomier. The cabin has multiple 110-volt AC power outlets and folding writing tables so that travel can be productive.


Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Cessna C525 Citation CJ3
Classification: Light Jet
Seats: 6
Speed: 389 kts
Range: 1488 nm
Interior Height: 1.43 m
Interior Width: 1.43 m
Luggage Capacity: 74 cu.ft.