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Private jets from Dubai Al Maktoum to Zurich | Zurich to Dubai Al Maktoum

Private flight from Dubai Al Maktoum to Zurich

The private flight from Dubai Al Maktoum to Zurich has a distance of about 4781 km and a flying time of about 6 hours and 21 minutes. This flight can not be flown with a light jet given the total distance of the flight and the number of flight hours. We recommend to use a medium jet or large jet aircraft. Both airports have a long runways and allow the landing of any aircraft. The flight may require a fuel stop with a medium jet aircraft, with a large jet aircraft a fuel stop is not required.

Some examples of aircraft for the flight Dubai Al Maktoum - Zurich or Zurich - Dubai Al Maktoum:

Medium Jet:
British Aerospace / Hawker Siddeley Hawker 600
Hawker Beechcraft Hawker 800B
Iai 1125 Astra
Large Jet:
Dassault Falcon 2000LX
Dassault Falcon 2000LXS
Fairchild Dornier Dornier Executive 328JET

Dubai Al Maktoum Airport

Zurich Airport