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Private Jet finder is an innovative private jet charter brokerage created to satisfy the needs of CEOs, business professionals, high-flying executives, and discerning travelers seeking the utmost comfort, privacy, and exclusivity.
We excel at offering a bespoke service that removes all the pain points of arranging a private jet charter. Our expert charter flight operators manage the entire flight planning, taking care of even the smallest details. We are by your side until the end of your journey, ensuring a flawless service that exceeds expectations.
Say goodbye to fixed routes, crowded airports, and commercial air travel with a private jet rental. Our fleet offers the ultimate in luxury and convenience coupled with excellent safety levels and highly qualified pilots.
Whether you are seeking a private airplane for a business trip or a luxury getaway, you can rest assured that you will enjoy only the best aircraft and exceptional service levels.
Discover why the world's most discerning business executives and travel enthusiasts trust Private Jet finder with their international private jet needs.

Private aircraft rental for leisure

A private aircraft rental is ideal for those that value every moment of their leisure time. Too often, an entire day can be wasted when travelling on a commercial airline, including queuing in long security lines and waiting for baggage. And even more precious downtime can be wasted when flights are cancelled or delayed. When you rent a private aircraft with Private Jet finder, you avoid all these issues enabling you to maximize your leisure time. Not only that, flying private is an enjoyable experience, with every element curated to meet your needs.
Whether you are seeking to enjoy a European city break, a long-weekend skiing, or a sun-drenched vacation in the Caribbean, our fleet of private jet charters can take you there in style without all the hassle associated with commercial airline travel.
We boast an exceptional selection of aircraft, including light jets, super midsize jets, and long-range jets for international travel. All our modern aircraft boast enhanced safety levels, professional cabin crew, and luxury interiors enabling you to arrive at your destination rested.
Contact the Private Jet finder team for your next trip, and let us organize your private travel flight details.

Why charter a jet with Private Jet finder?

Our custom private aviation services are designed to make flying private effortless. We organize and manage every aspect of your private jet charter. Our experienced charter flight operators will manage the entire flight planning with extreme care and will be at your complete disposal until the end of your journey. Simply let us know the number of passengers, the type of private jet you want to hire, and your destination, and we'll do the rest, organizing your entire flight schedule within a matter of hours.
Discover the Private Jet finder difference.


  • An international private jet operator ready to answer all your questions
  • A quick response on the availability of aircraft type for the required flight
  • An immediate, clear and detailed quotation within a matter of hours
  • The possibility to personalize your business or leisure trip with maximum flexibility
  • Choice of single-leg, return-leg, multi-leg or empty-leg private jet charters to any destination, including very short-notice flights
  • Competitive charter rates and the best choice of aircraft with highly qualified pilots
  • Operational excellence from the moment you talk to us to the end of your journey.

The Private Jet finder fleet

We boast an impressive global fleet of private jets for hire. Our private charter flights can connect you to any destination in the world with the utmost comfort. Choose from our portfolio of light jets, medium jets, and large aircraft, suitable for any distance and never compromising safety. All our aircraft feature refined interiors that ensure exclusivity and privacy.

Light Jet

Light jets are the ideal choice for short or medium range flights. They are the only jets to land on the shortest runways.

Medium Jet

Medium jets are the most popular class in private jets and offer the most convenient solution for flights of even 4 hours with a maximum capacity of 8-10 passengers.

Large Jet

Large Jets perfectly combine comfort and performance. At an average cruise speed of more than 450kts they can cover distances beyond 5,000 nm without stops.

How do I choose a plane for my private flight?

Choosing the right plane for your private jet charter needn't be complex. Private Jet finder's team of experts will help you select the right aircraft for your needs based on budget, the number of passengers, the travel distance, and features. We boast a wide selection of aircraft types, including light jets, mid-size jets, and long-range jets. We excel at delivering an unparalleled jet rental service that leaves nothing to chance. Whether it is for business or leisure, contact us today to book your private jet charter.

When do I need to check-in before my charter flight?

One of the key benefits of a private aviation charter is the ability to skip the hours wasted at an airport. In some cases, you can arrive at a private jet terminal just 15 minutes before take-off and even be driven directly to the private jet for boarding.

Can I fly with my pet on a private jet charter flight?

Yes, you can travel with your pet on a private jet charter flight. On a private jet, pets can travel in the cabin with you, providing comfort and reassurance that your beloved companion is safe and comfortable. If travelling internationally, it is important to check what the pet entry requirements are, as rules and regulations differ from country to country. Most will require a pet passport, that your pet is microchipped and is up-to-date on all vaccines, including rabies. The Private Jet finder team of aircraft operators can offer expert advice and guidance about flying with your pet on an international private jet.

How much luggage can I take with me on a private jet rental?

One of the benefits of charter flights is that you can normally take more luggage than flying commercial. The amount of luggage you can take will be determined by the size of the hold on the jet, with larger jets able to accommodate more luggage, including larger items such as skis, golf clubs, and surfboards. Private Jet finder will be able to find the right aircraft to accommodate your luggage needs and provide flight details and a quotation within a matter of hours. Contact our team of experts to discuss your aircraft options and learn more about our air charter bookings service.

How much is a private jet charter?

The cost of a private jet charter will depend on the type of aircraft, the distance you travel, and whether you book a single, return, multi-leg trip or empty-leg trip. Generally, the larger the aircraft, the more expensive it will be. The price may also vary according to the route and the time of day. Additional services, such as catering or a concierge, can also add to the cost. Private Jet finder prides itself on its competitive pricing and a service that is second to none. Contact us for a private jet charter quote today and enjoy the pleasure of private air travel.