Hawker Beechcraft · Hawker 850XP


Hawker is known for its ability to evolve. Designed with the latest improvements in technology, the Hawker 850XP climbs faster, goes further, and performs better than its predecessor, the successful 800XP.
The 850XP climbs to 39,000 feet two minutes less than its predecessor and can travel an additional 100 nautical miles. Less drag means that the aircraft is capable of traveling against headwinds at a high-speed cruise of 448 ktas, and requires less fuel.
The spacious cabin measures 604 cubic ft. and features LCD lighting, touch-screen seat controls, reclining seats and plenty of in-cabin storage. The cabin accommodates eight passengers.
Manufacturer: Hawker Beechcraft
Model: Hawker 850XP
Classification: Medium Jet
Seats: 8
Speed: 402 kts
Range: 2642 nm
Interior Height: 1.75 m
Interior Width: 1.83 m
Luggage Capacity: 50 cu.ft.