Cessna · Citation XLS+


The Citation XLS+ is known for its comfort with its spacious cabin, and outstanding performance. The XLS+, equipped with two Pratt & Whitney high-bypass engines, offers generous range and performance. It can reach 817 km/h and go up to 3889 km.

Sleek interior finishes, a side-facing couch, spacious lavatory and a deluxe refreshment center blur the line between business and pleasure.
The standard configuration includes a side-facing couch and six seats, each with a well-positioned work surface.

The VIP seat control offers passengers complete control of the cabin lighting and temperature. Seats are wrapped in rich leather, while tasteful hardwood finishes and custom-tailored fabrics accent the elegance.


Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Citation XLS+
Classification: Medium Jet
Seats: 9
Speed: 430 kts
Range: 2000 nm
Interior Height: 1.65 m
Interior Width: 1.7 m
Luggage Capacity: 90 cu.ft.