Cessna · Citation Excel


The Citation Excel is a solid, reliable private jet that can take you anywhere a mid-sized jet can go at the cost of light-jet travel. Its comfort and performance match Cessna’s high standards in private jet travel. The Excel is technically a mid-sized jet. At any rate, the Excel boasts excellent handling capabilities, reliable systems and consistent delivery of smooth, quick flights.
The Citation Excel’s cabin holds eight passengers in a cabin that’s quiet and draft-free. It is 5.7 feet high and 5.5 feet wide, which is about average for a midsized private jet. Details like fold-out tables and sliding headrests make the interior comfortable. An external compartment provides 80 cubic feet of storage space, along with some additional space in an internal closet.
This private jet can climb to its cruise level in just eighteen minutes and can cruise at 423 ktas.  The Excel has a range of 1,907 miles (1,657 nautical miles) with four passengers.  It can take off on runways as short as 3,590 feet – the shortest takeoff distance of any midsized jet.
Manufacturer: Cessna
Model: Citation Excel
Classification: Light Jet
Seats: 7
Speed: 433 kts
Range: 1449 nm
Interior Height: 5.7
Interior Width: 5.5
Luggage Capacity: 10 cu.ft.