Bombardier · Challenger 604


Bombardier created a successful family of business jets. After numerous refinements and upgrades, the Challenger 604 secures the family name in the long-range, business jet market. Certified in 1995, the 604 provides range, speed, sophistication and style.
A lot of power can be found in the Challenger 604. Two General Electric CF34-3B engines propel the jet, this means that with eight passengers, it can fly 3,850 miles, and at .74 Mach.
The Challenger 604’s cabin has a generous stand-up height, over 8 feet in width and a maximum capacity of 19 passengers. The 604 has intercontinental range, a deluxe galley and lavatory, and extremely low noise levels, which is very appreciated by its passengers.
The Challenger 604 is one of Bombardier’s most capable aircraft. The jet is not only capable of traveling long legs, it also offers plenty of amenities for the passengers and the pilots, which make the trips very enjoyable. 
Manufacturer: Bombardier
Model: Challenger 604
Classification: Large Jet
Seats: 10
Speed: 424 kts
Range: 4077 nm
Interior Height: 1.85 m
Interior Width: 2.49 m
Luggage Capacity: 115 cu.ft.