Beechcraft · Beechjet 400A


Although the 400 was a fine aircraft, Beech made leaps and bounds with its light private jet: the 400A. Upgrades include increased payload and ceiling; greater maximum landing weight; 150 lb. more fuel storage; greater cabin volume; a rear lavatory; and improved cabin soundproofing.  These design refinements and modifications make the 400A a more efficient, spacious and comfortable jet compared to its predecessor.
These engines, along with unique design features, allow the 400A to travel 1,500 nautical miles.  Its maximum speed is 446 knots, another improvement from its predecessor. The 400A has a maximum payload of 2,172 lbs and a maximum flight ceiling of 45,000 feet. 53 cubic feet of baggage space is an additional amenity.
The cabin of the 400A is spacious, carrying 7 or 8 passengers and a crew of two, the interior dimensions measure: 15.6 ft long, 4.8 ft high and 4.9 ft wide. Passengers enjoy fully berthable seats that swivel up to 180 degrees. A cabin baggage area and refreshment cabinet have been added. The low level of noise makes a more enjoyable and quieter cabin environment.
Manufacturer: Beechcraft
Model: Beechjet 400A
Classification: Light Jet
Seats: 7
Speed: 449 kts
Range: 1180 nm
Interior Height: 1.21 m
Interior Width: 1.21 m
Luggage Capacity: 305 cu.ft