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Private jets from L.f. Wade International to Munich | Munich to L.f. Wade International

Private flight from L.f. Wade International to Munich

The private flight from L.f. Wade International to Munich has a distance of about 6438 km and a flying time of about 8 hours and 27 minutes. This flight can not be flown with a light jet aircraft or a medium jet aircraft, given the total distance of the flight and the number of hours. We recommend to use a large jet aircraft. One of the airports has a short runway and does not allow the landing of the large jet aircraft, it is preferable to use a light jet or a medium jet aircraft. The flight may require a fuel stop.

L.f. Wade International Airport

L.f. Wade International TXKF BDA

  • International Airport - Medium runway
  • Airport Website: http://www.bermudaairport.com/
  • Timezone: Atlantic/Bermuda
  • City: Hamilton
  • Country: Bermuda
  • Latitude: 32.363998413
  • Longitude: -64.678703308

Munich Airport