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Private jets from Bastia Corse to Rome Fiumicino | Rome Fiumicino to Bastia Corse

Private flight from Bastia Corse to Rome Fiumicino

The private flight from Bastia Corse to Rome Fiumicino has a distance of about 243 km and a flying time of about 1 hours and 12 minutes. Given the total distance of the flight and the number of flight hours it is advisable to fly with a light jet or jet medium aircraft. One of the airports has a short runway and does not allow the landing of the large jet aircraft, it is preferable to use a light jet or a medium jet aircraft. The flight does not need any fuel stop.

Some examples of aircraft for the flight Bastia Corse - Rome Fiumicino or Rome Fiumicino - Bastia Corse:

Light Jet:
Cessna Cessna C525 Citation CJ2
Cessna Cessna C550 Citation Bravo
Bombardier Learjet 24 / 25
Medium Jet:
Bombardier Learjet 60/60 XR
Iai 1124 Westwind
Lockheed Jetstar 8

Bastia Corse Airport

Rome Fiumicino Airport